What can Magic Ball offer to the Retail sector?

The predictive analysis of Magic ball can be used to answer the following questions, amongst others:

How many people are going to come tomorrow to my mall?
And in a week or a month?
How will the heat wave orcold temperatures affect the influx of customers during the next couple of days?
Why did we only have a few clients walking in yesterday afternoon?
How will today’s football game affect my sales?
And what about the bank holiday?
What effect will this year’s growth of tourism have on my shopping mall and influx?
What will be our total influx in the upcoming year?
Was it better than previous years?
What specific impact will a promotional event have on my business?

Manage your resources effectively
with MagicBall

Magic Ball is a tool that enables you to successfully predict variables for a specific day and time-slot, such as the influx of clients in a venue or shopping mall, as well as their shopping behaviour

By analysing the information compiled from these variables in the past, Magic Ball generates predictive value algorithms.This system is able to learn on its own, and is constantly evolving due to the advances in artificial intelligence.

Use all the available

Magic Ball not only takes into account the internal information and the internet of things (sensors, videocameras, beacon solutions, etc), but it also considers other external factors that can have an influence on the influx of clients. Examples of this are sports events, bank holidays, the area’s transient population, weather forecasts, and economic indicators, amongst others.

An accurate prediction of the influx in shopping malls and retail venues will enable us to preview the necessary resources, which will optimise the service and, at the same time, will help us plan successful marketing actions or supply needs.

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What are Magic Ball Features?

Influx analysis

Influx analysis

A tool which studies the historical influx, analysing all existing perspectives



Predictive data of the influx of a venue in a daily, weekly, and monthly manner; as well as time-slots

Resource Planning

Resource Planning

Estimate of the necessary resources, based on the predictions (by sections, by access, time-slots, etc)

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